Wednesday, June 24, 2009

With Learning, Comes Frustration

Here I sit in yet another Web 2.0 class and I've learned a few more things that I didn't know when I woke up this morning. I love acquiring new knowledge, but the key to keeping it is to USE it. That is where time comes into the picture. I have to find the time to hone my skills or I will lose them. Yikes! It's an never ending cycle.

As I try new things, I find that sometimes frustration follows. I have a new Twitter account that is still less than 24 hours old, and I'm trying to add names that I want to follow, but for some reason, they aren't showing up. What's with that? It was working just fine yesterday, but today I can't find success. I've tried to add three new people and it says "following", but when I go back to my home page, the names do not appear under my list of those I'm following. I decided to walk away from it for now. Sometimes that is the best thing to do.

In the meantime, I want to continue expanding my knowledge base. I want to never become stagnant. No, instead I want to be like a fast flowing mountain stream like the one in this picture. As it flows downstream, it refreshes itself and picks up new nutrients.

One of the best ways to learn new things is to just keep on trying. So...I'm going to take my own advice and keep on trying. If I keep the big picture in mind, I won't let the frustrations become complete failures.

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  1. Hope the Twitter site works better next time. I have had a little wait time lately, and I'm wondering. There is so much in the news about how Twitter was used and is being used for news reports. Could be that the server is a little stressed??