Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where's the Money They Promised?

We are well into our second week of school and the bureaucratic red tape has already begun. I just got word from my principal that all budgets are frozen. What? It's the second week of school and we have no money???? And the US wonders why our students aren't keeping up with the rest of the world. We can spend billions of dollars to "reform" our healthcare system while the education of our nations' students gets put on a back burner. We can spend millions of dollars on star athletes and sporting events while those of us who try to educate the nations' children scrimp and scrape because there is no money for education. Our government can agree to spend millions of dollars on an inaugural celebration (with no benefit to anyone but those being honored) while schools are cutting staff members because they have to cut budgets to the bare bones. None of this makes any sense! There is something majorly wrong with this picture.

Politicians are so good at making hollow promises about increasing funding for education during election campaigns, but then don't follow through once they are elected. When are we going to hold them accountable for their broken promises? When are we going to say "enough is enough?" I'm doing what I can to make's high time that EVERYONE does. And that includes our governmental representatives! Everyone means EVERYONE. It's time for change...but not just in health care! It's time to put education FIRST!!!!!!

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