Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You Know it's August When...

You know it's August when...

* your family vacation is over and you have a pile of dirty laundry calling out your name
* back-to-school ads inundate the television screens
* you go to Wal-Mart and see back-to-school posters everywhere you look
* tax-free weekend hits your state
* you start having school nightmares in your sleep
* everyone you know keeps asking if you're "ready to go back yet"
* you get the dreaded back-to-school letter from your principal
* the grass stops growing because it is too hot and dry
* stores take away their summer clothes and hang sweaters in their place
* people start talking about going to the Iowa State Fair
* cars start showing up in multiples of three in the parking lot at school
* you feel the need to go work without pay in your classroom
* the school janitors wax the floor so you can't get into your room to work
* school registration notices appear in the mailbox
* you start waking up at 6:30 in the morning and you didn't even set an alarm
* the beautiful flowers in your gardens begin to fade and die
* you get a call asking if you'd like to go to the teacher supply store with your best friend from work
* the school secretary cries out on her Facebook page that her summer is over
* your husband gives you a thumbs-up sign when he sees a back-to-school ad on TV
* your husband starts saying cruel things like "only two more weeks, honey!"
* you frantically start tackling away at the To-Do List you made but never touched
* you start to cry for no apparent reason at all

I guess it's time I start thinking about readjusting my sleep habits, getting myself motivated to finish writing the curriculum I've been avoiding all summer, putting away my novels and start looking at text books instead, stop living a life of lazy luxury and start thinking about the real world. Like it or not...school is a mere two weeks away.


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